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Transcriptome changes in DM1 patients’ tissues are governed by the RNA interference pathway

Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences, 2022
Maya Braun, Shachar Shoshani, Yuval Tabach

Cross-species identification of cancer resistance-associated genes that may mediate human cancer risk

Science advances | 3 Aug 2022
Nair, N.U., Cheng, K., Naddaf, L., Sharon, E., Pal, L.R., Rajagopal, P.S., Unterman, I., Aldape, K., Hannenhalli, S., Day, C.P. and Tabach, Y.

Asymmetric inheritance of RNA toxicity in C. elegans expressing CTG repeats

Iscience, 2022
Braun, M., Shoshani, S., Teixeira, J., Shtern, A. M., Miller, M., Granot, Z., ... & Tabach, Y.

Multi-omics data integration analysis identifies the spliceosome as a key regulator of DNA double-strand break repair

NAR cancer, 2022
Dana Sherill-Rofe, Oded Raban, Steven Findlay, Dolev Rahat, Irene Unterman, Arash Samiei, Amber Yasmeen, Zafir Kaiser, Hellen Kuasne, Morag Park, William D Foulkes, Idit Bloch, Aviad Zick, Walter H Gotlieb, Yuval Tabach

Machine-learning of complex evolutionary signals improves classification of SNVs

NAR genomics and bioinformatics, 2022
Sapir Labes, Doron Stupp, Naama Wagner, Idit Bloch, Michal Lotem, Ephrat L. Lahad, Paz Polak, Tal Pupko, Yuval Tabach

Aurintricarboxylic Acid Decreases RNA Toxicity in a C. elegans Model of Repeat Expansions

Toxins, 2021
Braun, M., Shoshani, S., Mellul-Shtern, A. and Tabach, Y.

Cross-species identification of cancer-resistance associated genes uncovers their relevance to human cancer risk

biorxiv, 2021
Nishanth Ulhas Nair, Kuoyuan Cheng, Lamis Naddaf, Elad Sharon, Lipika R Pal, Padma S Rajagopal, Irene Unterman, Kenneth Aldape, Sridhar Hannenhalli, Chi-Ping Day, Yuval Tabach, Eytan Ruppin

RNA interference mediates RNA toxicity with parent-of-origin effects in C. elegans expressing CTG repeats

biorxiv, 2021
Maya Braun, Shachar Shoshani, Joana Teixeira, Anna Mellul-Shtern, Maya Miller, Zvi Granot, Sylvia Fischer, Susana Maria DA Garcia, Yuval Tabach

Co-evolution based machine-learning for predicting functional interactions between human genes

Nature communications, 2021
Stupp, Doron, Elad Sharon, Idit Bloch, Marinka Zitnik, Or Zuk, and Yuval Tabach.

Expanding the MECP2 network using comparative genomics reveals potential therapeutic targets for Rett syndrome

Elife, 2021
Unterman, I., Bloch, I., Cazacu, S., Kazimirsky, G., Ben-Zeev, B., Berman, B.P., Brodie, C. and Tabach, Y.

Synthetic RNA-based immunomodulatory gene circuits for cancer immunotherapy

Cell, 2017
Nissim, L., Wu, M.R., Pery, E., Binder-Nissim, A., Suzuki, H.I., Stupp, D., Wehrspaun, C., Tabach, Y., Sharp, P.A. and Lu, T.K.

A high-throughput screening and computation platform for identifying synthetic promoters with enhanced cell-state specificity (SPECS)

Nature communications, 2019
Ming-Ru Wu, Lior Nissim, Doron Stupp, Erez Pery, Adina Binder-Nissim, Karen Weisinger, Casper Enghuus, Sebastian R. Palacios, Melissa Humphrey, Zhizhuo Zhang, Eva Maria Novoa, Manolis Kellis, Ron Weiss, Samuel D. Rabkin, Yuval Tabach & Timothy K. Lu